RSV SCANDRONE, a permanent monitoring solution


Multi-environment monitoring of sensitive maritime or coastal areas, assisted by drones


The South Region (Région Sud), the SAFE Cluster, the Pôle Mer Méditerranée and the Pôle OPTITEC organized on October 6, 2021 in Hyères (France), an experimentation and demonstration day dedicated to global solutions for securing nautical events (including with a view to the 2024 Olympic Games) and maritime infrastructure.

Among the 3 consortia selected by a committee of experts, the consortium led by Marine Tech, including Thales, MyDataModels and DAT Solutions, presented its RSV ScanDrone with BlueGuard technology.

The RSV ScanDrone, assisted with image recognition and artificial intelligence, is a permanent surveillance solution to monitore, detect, classify and track objects and threats in real time.

The RSV deploying its captive aerial drone (UAV) provides surface and aerial surveillance, while the BlueGuard sonar system allows for continuous underwater and surface surveillance.
The position of the detected track is automatically transmitted to the RSV, which can move quickly to it, act by sound signals or investigate the area by ROV.